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The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission Auxiliary combats animal abuse (including dog fighting and cockfighting) by screening every report and, where indicated, forwarding the report to the appropriate law enforcement authority (animal control, police, sheriff, State Police, federal authority, etc.) and/or responding directly. Or, in some cases, informing the reporting party that, in the opinion of the LAWCA, there is insufficient cause for law enforcement to act. In that case, the reporting party may pursue other options, including those that may not involve law enforcement.

The LAWCA is especially interested in cases of a serious nature, for example: serious physical abuse, starvation, theft of an animal, dog fighting, cockfighting, etc.. Abuse that does not come up to this level of seriousness, for example: animal aggression and biting, leaving an animal unattended in circumstances that threaten the well-being of the animal, etc., should be reported first to the town/city/parish law enforcement agency that is reponsible for animal abuse matters. If there is no such authority in the parish, then please make a report to us: the LAWCA.

When making a report, please mention any evidence that supports the report.

At this time, the LAWCA can receive a report via e-mail (at the e-mail address shown above), or through this web-page by filling-out and submitting the "Internet Reporting Form" (below). If you have one or more pictures to include with your report, and of course, pictures are helpful; then, e-mail your report with any picture(s) attached. A telephone "hot line" is planned, and hopefully will be available soon.


The Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission, possibly in cooperation with a citizens' organiztion, may offer rewards for substantiated information regarding animal abuse. The name of the person making a report is not recorded (unless the name is voluntarily given). A confidential identifier, the Report ID, is assigned at the time the report is submitted. The Report ID is given (by telephone, or via e-mail) to the person making the report, along with a confidential Reward Claim Number by which to claim any reward that may be offered.

The status of each reported case can be obtained by submitting the Report ID:

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Abuse Reporting Form

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