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to help missing/found animals 

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Helps registered pets get home if they are lost.
Helps finders of lost animals locate the owner.

The Pet Registry identifies a pet in various ways (ID numbers of any kind, micro-chip, physical description, picture) that will help a lost pet get home, allow disaster-response teams to take appropriate action, etc.

The Pet Registry is a service without cost to users. Of Course, donations are encouraged (at bottom-right).

The Pet Registry can store any and all identification numbers associated with an animal. With the Pet Registry database, a pet can be immediately identified when any of its ID numbers is submitted to the system (even if the number is out-of-date). For example, ID numbers may include: a vaccination tag number, a micro-chip number, a tattoo number, etc.

[The Pet Registry is dedicated to the memory of Christine Cefalu-Pfaff who helped set-up and test the original Pet Registry that was created for the Louisiana Animal Welfare Commission Auxiliary in 2010. She was a member of the Auxiliary.]

Select Mode of Operation (What to Do):
Search Registry
  to reunite pet with owner
Register My Pet
  by entering data records
Edit My Pet's Data
  by changing recorded data
Register Found Pet
  to record for public display
Display Found Pets
  so I can see them
Then, Select Kind of Animal:

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